The Cupcake Diaries

A wonderfully inspiring addition to my baking library – The Cupcake Diaries: Recipes and Memories from the Sisters of Georgetown Cupcakes.

Not only does it contain some great recipes, it tells the story of how Katherine & Sophie set up and grew their cupcake business, and went on to star in the show DC Cupcakes.

Cake cake cake!

Welcome to my blog…which aims to give you an insight into Betty’s world of baking.

We’re only small but we aim to provide a decadent selection of beautifully decorated cakes & cupcakes, made with love using only the finest ingredients. In two words – deliciously scrumptious!

But we very nearly had a different name for this little cupcake empire. It all started with my brother-in-law. You see, he decided to teach my non-speaking 21 month old to say “Cake cake cake” which caused no end of hilarity (and embarrassment) at toddler group. Michael Dore and Marjorie Dawes have a lot to answer for.

Last year was a busy year for Betty’s kitchen. We produced several thousand cupcakes, a large selection of celebration cakes including a handful of orders for some very famous celebrities. And this year looks set to be just as busy with plenty of exiting new cakes & flavours planned.

P.S. Huge thanks go to my friend Hayleigh for helping me name my blog.

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